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Defying the stereotype: Proof that you CAN be both a geek and a complete technophobe

So I'm trying to figure this whole blog thing out.  After years of extreme dilettantism I need to get my rear in gear.  I'm going to be pitching my novel to publishers this August, and it's no longer enough to have a book, not even if it's a good book.  No, you must have an entire marketing platform, and for some reason, Valar know why, it must include a blog.

I managed to get a WordPress url awhile back, which has sat gathering digital dust ever since. Last week I spent several hours trying to post to it, with the result that I've now changed all my passwords and still not managed to dent the smooth white carapace of the page.

I'm forced to conclude that I'm a techno boob.  I can calibrate a linear accelerator to within 0.5 mm accuracy, but I can't manage a website to save my life.

There's a reason the Elves are my favorite Tolkien characters, and their total lack of technology is at least part of it.  That, plus, you know, their total level of HAWTness.  I mean, look at that picture on my user tag.  Guh!

How much longer until the next Hobbit movie?
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